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About Sure-Hire

Sure-Hire specializes in background information and related database research. Because this is our area of concentration, our prices are lower and our turn-around time is faster than detective agencies. Our clients are employers, personnel agencies, property management companies, landlords, attorneys and employee leasing companies.

Information is retrieved from a variety of sources. Some of these include state and federal agencies, private and industry based databanks, credit companies, and other public and private record sources.

Most of the searches we conduct are pre-employment background checks. These include Criminal Records, Credit Checks, Social Security Number (SSN) Verification, DMV/MVR Checks, Workers Compensation Claims, Employment Verification, Professional License Check, and Education Verification. Information can be accessed anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Reports can be ordered by e-mail, fax, verbally, or mail. They are normally completed and returned in 24 to 72 hours via email, fax, or mail.

Sure-Hire utilizes a nationwide network of over 3,000 experienced public record research professionals, providing access to and retrieval of courthouse information. Our mission continues to be providing quick, cost effective pre-employment background checks, with the utmost attention to detail and personalized service.

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