Our clinics remain open; however, there may be a temporary reduction in clinic availability. Effective 06-22-2020, all participants must wear a face mask/covering when completing testing at any SureHire facility across Canada.

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Crucial Facts Every Employer Should Know When Implementing a Drug & Alcohol Policy

In today’s blog, we’re delving into some of the most crucial facts and FAQs about Drug & Alcohol testing, including why employers should consider implementing a drug & alcohol policy and the types of testing that can be done to protect and strengthen our workforces and communities.

3 Benefits of Periodic Testing

Periodic drug testing is often lesser-known than other instances when workplace drug testing and alcohol testing is carried out. However, there are some important reasons to consider it as an integral part of your company policies and procedures.

Preventing the Spread: How and when to use masks during the COVID-19 pandemic

These best practices will ensure your employees stay as safe as possible.

6 Advantages to Mobile Drug & Alcohol Testing

Nearly …23.3 million Canadians aged 15 and older reported having consumed alcohol in the past 12 months, with almost …7.2 million being considered heavy drinkers. Mobile testing has many advantages and can help you keep your workforce safe, healthy, and productive.

Settling into your home office?

Ergonomics is key in any workplace environment. Whether you’re in a downtown Highrise or in a cozy corner of your home with a garden view, optimizing the physical and environmental aspects of ergonomics can greatly improve your health, well being, and work performance.

SureHire Announces Acquisition of Health Conservation Consultants (HCC) Inc.

We are pleased to announce our acquisition of Health Conservation Consultants (HCC) Inc., effective June 15, 2020. Read the full article...

What You May Not Have Realized About Urine Drug Screening

Internal adulteration is the most common cause of specimen dilution. At SureHire, we are committed to providing high-quality testing services that help employers minimize the risk of impairment-related incidents at their workplace. Our urine drug screening process is renowned for having some of the lowest dilution levels in the industry. We recently spoke to SureHire’s Manager, Occupational Testing Services, Kelsey Sunders, to learn more about SureHire’s urine drug screening protocols and to find out what makes SureHire stand out among other occupational health testing organizations. Read more...

Tips for Safe, Healthy, and Productive Return-to-Work

How do I make sure it is safe for my employees to return to work? What protocols do I need to follow to ensure the safety of my employees? What can I do to limit the risk of infection/transmission on my job site? The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a number of challenges over the past few months. Now, with the reopening of various businesses across Canada, employers are seeking answers to questions about how they can keep their job sites operational and their employees safe. In today's blog, SureHire's Manager, Occupational Health Services/ Privacy Officer, Dr. Dean McDougall highlights tips for employers to consider when building a safe return-to-work strategy.

SureHire’s COVID-19 Automated Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire is Now Available

Pre-existing conditions (such as seasonal allergies, asthma, etc.) can mimic the symptoms of COVID-19, which can result in employees being unnecessarily flagged and sent off-site to self-isolate. Our COVID-19 Automated HRA Questionnaire is designed to collect comparative data on a daily basis regarding the symptoms of pre-existing conditions, allowing employers to make more informed decisions about the health and safety of everyone on the job.

SureHire’s Temperature Screening Services are Now Available

SureHire is proud to be able to offer support to essential services during this difficult time. As Canada’s leading provider of occupational health testing services, we are committed to building foundations for safe, healthy, and productive workforces and communities. As your solution-driven partner in occupational testing services, we've made Temperature Screening Services available so you can feel confident knowing your employees are safe to return to work.

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