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Canada’s Impaired Driving Laws - Bill C-46 Updates

Reforms were made to Bill C-46 in regards to alcohol and drug impaired driving. Updates surrounding random roadside breath testing, roadside saliva testing, and THC blood levels are raising concerns for some Canadians.

Duty to Accommodate

When a worker, who is currently employed in your organization, returns to work after an injury you have a duty to accommodate that individual to the point of undue hardship. But what exactly is the “duty to accommodate” and what does it mean for your organization?

Empowering Your Workforce With Reasonable Suspicion Training

Today, one of the foremost issues my clients see in their workplaces is the prevalence of prescription drugs. They want to know: how do I monitor my workforce for legal drug use, and how do I put that into my company policy? Reasonable suspicion testing is a leading indicator, meaning it plays an important part in impacting future behavior. Rather than using lagging indicators to measure occupational health and safety outcomes, it is a preventative approach.

Mobile Testing: A timesaver for employers

Employers are often met with the challenge of meeting testing requirements while keeping the job-site operational. Mobile testing can assist employers in balancing these needs.

Movers & Shakers - Jamie Jamieson!

Every great business, has a great team behind it. Jamie Jamison started her SureHire career nearly 6 years’ ago as SureHire’s first ever Accounts Administrator. Jamie’s passion and relentless desire to grow led to many opportunities throughout the company. Read on to learn more about Jamie:

Using Leading Indicators to Protect Worker Lung Health

When we send a worker into an exposed zone, we put them at risk. Long-term health problems are very expensive to employers. Increased health insurance costs, increased Workers' Compensation claims, hiring and turnover costs, damage to company reputation, and much more damages an employer's bottom line when attention is not paid to leading indicators in lung health.

Implementing a Safe Driving Program & How It Can Benefit Your Workplace

Driving is one of the highest risk activities an employer ever requires employees to undertake. Unlike a stationary position or a routine task, the types of drivers and other vehicles sharing the road with your employees are not under the supervision of the employer. As a result, organizations have started implementing driver safety programs that support employers in feeling confident they are able to hire the most resourceful, receptive, and qualified candidates.

Managing the Legalization of Cannabis in the Workplace

Though there is much to be deliberated on the subject of legalized cannabis regulation, one thing is clear: the danger of a positive test result. A TPA can provide a neutral environment in which employees can learn and ask questions outside the presence of supervisors and management. Like strategy, capital and talent recruitment are pertinent to your business plan, if your policy is up-to-date and reflects your safety goals, you will have success.

Cost of an Injury - Industrial Construction

Worker injuries can be extremely costly for the employer. Pre-employment testing can assist an employer in determining whether or not a potential worker is suitable for the position they are applying for.

Medical Marijuana use and Undue Hardship on the Employer

A recent 2018 arbitration decision found that allowing an employee who was using medical marijuana every evening to work in a safety-sensitive position was an undue hardship on the employer.

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