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What Can Canadians Expect from Cannabis 2.0?

On October 17, 2019, pot-infused edibles, extracts and topicals were made legal nation-wide with the exception of a few provinces. During the first day of legal procurement, Canadians proved that there was a market for these products as inventory sold out within a few hours. Businesses may need to integrate additional testing to ensure employees are fit to work and are not posing any safety risks on their worksites.

Reasonable Suspicion Training: Why You Need It

Substance abuse in the workplace is, unfortunately, not new. From alcohol consumption on weekends that cause side effects during the workweek, to prescription drugs being improperly used to manage recurring health issues, substance abuse can take many forms. Reasonable Suspicion Training is designed to provide the appropriate training to employers to help determine if there are grounds to test an employee for drug use before safety issues arise.

Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health is a complex topic, no matter where it may be discussed. While it used to be believed that mental health had no role within the workplace, many companies are starting to recognize that mental illness impacts individuals at home and at work, causing it to fall under their purview.

Mobile Testing: The Future of Occupational Testing

Sending employees for testing reduces productivity and can be difficult to coordinate due to the abilities of the employee and the resources that are available to them. Therefore On-site and Mobile Occupational Testing through a mobile testing facility are available with your business in mind.

Vaping Is Increasing And So Are The Health Issues

The Canadian government is keeping a close eye on health cases being reported in the United States of individuals developing pneumonia-like illnesses after using vaping products. Approximately two thousand people are ill and thirty-nine people have passed away, causing concerns to be raised about the product and is surmounting impact on the lungs

Background Checks: What Are They Good For?

Resumes, calls, and in-person interviews are the most common way of helping match job candidates with potential employers. Individuals use these opportunities to highlight their skills, showcase their personality, and prove that they are best for the position. Yet, many individuals have been found to falsify their education, experience, and even personal history to become a more attractive candidate. By establishing a strict policy that includes the need for background checks to be obtained, a company and the employees that it hires can establish a clear foundation of trust moving forward.

Fatigue Behind the Wheel is a Concern

Trucking is integral to Canada’s economy as the transportation of goods across inter-provincial borders has driven imports/exports and business growth. An impending driver shortage is causing many to wonder where it’s future lies. Driver shortages and strict deadlines along with compensation based on the number of hours worked has also led to long-haul drivers spending the majority of their time on the road, making driver fatigue an issue.

Tests Are Revealing Traces of THC in CBD Products

With increased use and access to cannabis, the use of CBD for its medicinal benefits is causing concern for employers of individuals who are required to perform safety-sensitive duties. The reason for this is that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may be entering the workplace in CBD users who don’t realize the THC content of the products they are using.

Amendments to Cannabis Regulations Create More Questions for Employers

October 17th, 2019 is the next significant date in the ongoing process for the legalization of cannabis in Canada. Amendments made to Cannabis Regulations in June, now allow for licensed vendors to distribute cannabis edibles, oils, and tinctures. As the effects of ingested cannabis last longer, greater training and testing needs to be provided to ensure all employees are aware of the effects these products can have on the body, and to maintain a safe and healthy workforce.

Understanding Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Excessive exposure to noise in the workplace is one of the leading causes of hearing loss in Canada. With noise levels a concern in most industries across the country, employers are always looking for ways to reduce noise pollution in the workplace

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