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What is Fentanyl?

Known as a synthetic opiate, Fentanyl has been appearing more and more in the news recently - Global News Edmonton posted an article on August 13, 2015 regarding the recent arrest of a Calgary drug dealer attempting to smuggle Fentanyl from China. As an up and coming street drug, many people are starting to worry about the effects of Fentanyl.

Twentieth Century Disease

Twentieth-Century Disease, also known as Total Allergy Syndrome, is a condition attributed to severe hypersensitivity to the environment that the person is incapable of living in the modern world.

Want to be a Workplace Wellness Champion?

As companies grow, expand and evolve, resources can become overwhelming and roles often become increasingly more demanding. For employees, it can be a delicate balancing act to try and keep up with the demands of a high caliber workload. It is also known to burn employees out.

Women Building Futures (WBF) is pleased to announce a new partnership with SureHire Occupational Health Testing!

WBF Women gain access to free occupational testing through a new partnership with SureHire

Fatigue and the Impact it has on the Workplace

Shortened opportunity for sleep and reduced sleep quality are frequently related to accidents involving shift workers, seasonal workers, truck drivers, emergency response employees, those working extended hours, and organizations with staffing issues.

Pre-employment Fitness-To-Work: Success Story

The Schwan Food Company is an international manufacturer and delivery organization for a vast array of frozen foods, with over $3 Billion in sales and over 22,000 employees. About 7000 of these employees are delivery drivers, of which 4000 new drivers are hired each year. Schwan’s delivery trucks make thousands of stops each day, bringing food products to consumers’ homes as well as grocery stores throughout the United States.

Lung infection outbreak tied to bat and bird droppings stirred up by house renovation

When more than a dozen people became ill with pneumonia-like infections after the exterior brick of a century old house was being torn down and replaced, it did not take long for doctors to trace the cause to the renovations. Workers, neighbours and residents of the house all developed symptoms of histoplasmosis, a fungal disease carried in the droppings of bats and birds.

Sleep Apnea and Your Golf Score

Thinking of investing in a new set of expensive irons to help improve your golf game? Getting treatment for your sleep apnea may be a better answer. Golf is a cognitive sport that requires the skills that treatment for sleep apnea improves: memory, decision making, anger management, calculation, and hand eye coordination. 

40M Target Customers Exposed to Preventable Fraud

In today's struggling economy, employers who don't know the individuals working for them are leaving their business wide open to liability. The increasing number of court decisions ruling in favour of the plaintiff based on negligent hiring has put increasing pressure on companies to obtain more detailed and accurate information on prospective employees. Employers are held accountable by the courts for negligent actions of employees — especially when information was available that employees were unfit for their jobs.

Could Canadians ever give up their pills?

A recent study posted in the New York Times addressed important questions about whether health care systems focus too much on medications, and too little on exercise as remedies for heart disease and other medical conditions. This study was one of the first to create a comparison of the effectiveness of drugs and exercise among people with heart disease, chronic heart failures and diabetes.

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