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No company is too small for drug testing

A recent article posted in Bloomberg BusinessWeek titled "Advice for Small Employers Testing New Hires for Drugs" reported that more and more small and medium sized companies are following in the foot steps of larger companies and implementing a drug testing program, in efforts to keep their workplaces safer and drug free.

2014: A Strong Hiring Year Forecasted for Edmonton

A recent article in the Edmonton Journal gave local employers a heads up to expect a solid hiring climate for the first quarter of 2014.  According to the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey: 30% of employers plan to hire between January and March, 66% plan to maintain current staffing levels, while only 3% anticipate cutbacks.

Should Doctors be Playing Detective in Attempts to Curb Painkill Abuse?

According to the Foundation of a Drug-Free World, every day in the US, 2,500 people abuse a prescription pain reliever for the first time. Prescription drug abuse causes the largest percentage of deaths from drug overdosing. Depressants, opioids and antidepressants are responsible for more overdose deaths (45%) than cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and amphetamines (39%) combined.

Do Oral Fluid Instant/Point of Collection Testing Devices Accurately & Reliably Test for Marijuana (THC)?

SureHire Occupational Testing is regularly asked about the validity of testing drugs of abuse with oral fluid instant/point of collection devices (POCT).  This information is meant to assist in dispelling some of these myths and confusions and provide a clear understanding of oral fluid drug testing and its proper use in the occupational testing of safety sensitive positions and industries.

Implications of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) on Business

According to Work Safe Alberta,noise-induced hearing loss is the most prevalent occupational disease.

Health Canada Approves (Yet Another) Generic Form of Oxycodone

In 2010, Canada inched past the United States to become the highest opioid-consuming country on the planet on a per-capita basis. A year after the ban from selling the most commonly abused prescription drug, OxyCotin, the Canadian markets are flooding with less regulated and more powerful generic substitutes, as reported in the Global Mail.

Why Employers Should Fact-Check the Resume of A New Hire

When screening applicants, most employers ask for the candidate's level of education, as it is believed that a person’s education level is a strong indicator of their ability to succeed in a position. Perhaps this is why it has been shown that education is the most frequently falsified qualification on a resume.

'Tis the Season for Employee Theft

Employee Theft is becoming a growing problem for small and medium sized companies,  and the risk of theft is likely to rise during the holiday season when financially strapped employees look to top up their funds by stealing from their workplace.

How to Avoid the Costs of Depression at Work

Depression is an  invisible disease. On the outside we can look great, well groomed, and cheerful, but on the inside we are falling apart. Nearly three million Canadians will experience depression at one point in their life.

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