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Back Strain Injuries - Who is more susceptible?

According to the Statistics Canada 2010: Canadian Community Health Survey, around 1 in 5 people who were working in BC in 2012 have made claims for back problems. In fact, 1 in 4 of the injury claims made over the last ten years were for Back Strain Injuries (BSI) and have been responsible for the most workdays taken off than any other injury.

2014 WCB Injury Rates

If you own a vehicle you have without a doubt noticed substantial change for the cost to fill your tank. For the average white collar worker the savings is a bonus, but for many blue collar workers in Alberta 2015 is off to a rocky start as the dropping price of oil impacts employment opportunities across the province.

Impact of Hand and Wrist Injuries

Did you know that hand and wrist injuries account for approximately 20% of visits to emergency departments? Such injuries not only had an impact to the physical and mental health of the injured worker, but can also impact health care costs and productivity costs due to work absenteeism.

Young Worker Injury Statistics

At the COAA Conference earlier this year various labour related challenges such as retirement, immigration, the portability of skills and the willingness to work in remote areas were spoke on. All of those concerns will affect the availability of skilled workers meeting future forecasted demand for skilled healthy workers.

The Aging Worker and Concerns for the Workplace

I had the pleasure of listening to Barb Banford speak at the <a href="http://aohna.org/education-events/2014-aohna-symposium" target="_blank">AOHNA Symposium</a> last week. She is as funny as she is intelligent, and put into perspective how the normal physiological and mental changes we experience can have an impact on the workplace.

What about the Injured Worker?

Work is, unquestionably, good for our health. It not only provides us with income to support our families, it also gives us a sense of purpose and meaning. Research as shown that despite being injured, returning to work in some sort of capacity (modified duties) is often better for recovery than long periods away.  Injured employees off work longer than six months have only a 50% chance of ever returning to their job.

Why have a Safe, Healthy, and Productive Workplace?

Diminished health, whether the result of work or non-work-related activities, reduces the quality of life and income potential for employees, as well as negatively impacting those dependent upon them. Organizations that protect their employees from the risk of injuries or illnesses create a more vibrant, engaging and highly performing workforce.

Repeat WCB Claims: Who is At Risk?

A study completed in 2010 by Canadian Public Health Association discovered that an employee in Alberta with one Workers Compensation Board (WCB) claim often had an additional claim after several months.

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