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How Functional Capacity Evaluations Can Help Your Business!

Find out how Functional Capacity Evaluations can help your business!

Across the country, employers are implementing policies and procedures to improve
employee satisfaction and workplace performance. For years, rhetoric has existed in
the workplace where employee needs were not openly discussed or measured. Today,
however, workplace health and wellness are strongly being considered by employers to
assist their teams further and increase the success of their business.

Wellness Incentives and Offerings

In addition, businesses are recognizing that maintaining employee health and wellness
is at the forefront of company growth, development and overall success. In a recent
report by LIMRA Inc., it was found that 90% of Canadian employers offer “paid time off,
employee assistance programs or flexible working.” When paired with incentive
programs and the appropriate measures to determine if a team member is able to return
to work, employee health and wellness is being considered on several crucial levels.

Purpose of Functional Capacity Evaluations

Despite putting the appropriate measures in place, accidents and health issues can
occur, impacting an individual’s capacity to complete their work to the best of their
ability and in accordance with the safety regulations of the workplace. In many cases,
employees are required to take time off of work, but how do you, as an employer, know
when they are able to return to work? Functional Capacity Evaluations are designed to
determine if an employee is ready to return to work after an injury or illness.
Completing a Functional Capacity Evaluation allows the team member in question, as
well as the employer, to know the ways in which they are able to return to work and if
any working modifications need to be made. For example, if someone is recovering from
a workplace injury and requires continued physiotherapy, a modification can be put in
place where the individual can have flexible working hours, or take time throughout the
day to complete the necessary exercises.

Good for Business!

If a team member is struggling to complete their work to the best of their abilities and in
accordance with workplace regulations, it negatively impacts them and the company as
a whole. In identifying if a team member can return to work through completing this
evaluation, the parties involved can move forward in a way that does not put the
company at risk financially or in regards to safety, and the employee can be given the
support that is needed. Returning to work prematurely can negatively impact everyone
involved, and should not be taken lightly for the sake of the business and your team

At SureHire, we can connect you with our network of Functional Capacity Evaluation
providers across Canada, so that you can determine the next steps for you and your
employees. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the benefits
associated with Functional Capacity Evaluations, visit our website and contact us ! We
are always here to help.

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