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Increasing Testing for the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project

Just over a year has passed since the Liberal Government announced the acquisition of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Purchased for 4.5 billion, the Liberals acquired the project from Kinder Morgan, in order to see it through to completion. In June of this year, Prime Minister Trudeau assured supporters of the project that work would commence this summer. While production may be delayed due to the number of permits, contracts, and safety procedures that have yet to be put in place, the parties involved are excited to see the expansion moving forward! 

How Will the Pipeline Benefit Canada?

It comes as no surprise that there are a number of differing views on the installation of the new Trans Mountain pipeline. One of the major arguments concerns the negative environmental impact it may have and Canada’s current commitment toward the Paris Agreement. Environmental impact is very much a concern for all groups involved, and the Canadian government is working to create a plan in which monetary funds from the project are invested back into environmental protection efforts, specifically in the reduction of GHG emissions.

While there are arguments for and against the expansion of the pipeline, one of the major benefits is the transportation and selling of oil. 

The Trans Mountain expansion would nearly triple the pipeline’s current capacity to 890,000 barrels of oil per day, bringing crude oil and other petroleum products from northern Alberta to a port near Vancouver. Jesse Snyder- National Post

The pipeline is expected to extend over 980 kilometres and will allow an increase in market investments in the crude oil industry as it transports products from Alberta to the coast of British Columbia, before becoming available to international markets

In addition, the Conference Board of Canada predicts that over 15,000 jobs will be created in construction alone! Jobs will not only be made available in the expansion of the pipeline but in operations and management once the oil starts flowing; boosting not only Canada’s economy as a whole but the economy of these western provinces as well. 

It is estimated that, “federal and provincial governments will see $46.7 billion in additional taxes and royalties from construction and 20 years of operation, higher producer revenues and additional tanker traffic.” Trans Mountain

Increased Safety Procedures

The transportation of substances such as crude oil raises many questions on an environmental level, as the fear of spills and irreparable environmental impact is a concern for those living in the area and for individuals across Canada. As the original Trans Mountain pipeline has been in successful operation since 1953, procedures have been and are continually being implemented to reduce the risk of spills and so forth. Additional precautions are being put in place with the new development, and discussions with communities near the proposed route have been a priority.

With the development of the pipeline, contractors are signing on to complete the work in the proposed phases, and are responsible for hiring subcontractors to accomplish this! According to the Trans Mountain Corporation, contractors must ensure that all employees working for them are fit to work. A Drug and Alcohol plan must also be put in place. Onsite reviews and audits will be completed to ensure that all groups are operating safely and correctly. 

With the recent approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline project, our team is currently putting in place additional testing locations along the lower mainland of British Columbia. Testing for alcohol and drug use, as well as fitness to work, will be key in ensuring that safety amongst contractors and sub-contractors remains to be a top priority as this project progresses. Our goal at SureHire is to be able to assist anyone who is looking for testing on this project as it rolls out. 

We are excited to see this project break ground, and the economic advantages that it will bring!