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Managing your drug and alcohol program

Between the legalization of cannabis in 2018 and random testing moving forward at Suncor in 2019, the need for employers to have an up to date drug and alcohol program is important as ever.

Employers are left not only with the responsibility to implement a program, but to also manage their budgets accordingly. With budgets in mind, employers look for the most cost effective way to perform alcohol and drug testing on their workforce. This often includes weighing out whether or not to work with a third-party alcohol and drug testing provider, or, self manage their program and train employees in-house to complete the testing.

What are the risks of completing the testing in-house?

  • The integrity of the test results may be compromised due to internal bias or favouritism if the collector is an employee of the company.
  • Should the test results be presented as evidence in a court of law, the admissibility may come into question if the test was not done with full impartiality.
  • It is paramount that confidential information is restricted to the fewest number of individuals within the company. Self-provision of drug and alcohol testing increases the number of employees with access to confidential information thus increasing the company’s privacy breach.

Why should you let the experts do it? 

  • All drug and alcohol testing is conducted by certified collectors using scientifically recognized equipment in a clinical environment.
  • A third-party provider will be accredited by the appropriate regulatory bodies and maintain best practices.
  • Expert opinions available for drug and alcohol policy advisement and support.
  • All costs associated with the provision of a drug and/or alcohol test are included within the fee for service structure:
  • Equipment costs (initial purchase, maintenance etc. )
  • Laboratory analysis and courier costs
  • Medical Review Officer verification costs
  • Collector Fees
  • All confidential employee information collected under the purview of PIPEDA is stored on a dedicated portal to the appropriate legal standards and only the most relevant information is disclosed to the employer.

Ultimately, the benefits associated with having a third-party provider complete testing make the investment worthwhile. Contact Us today if you have any questions about implementing a drug and alcohol program.

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