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Mobile Testing: The Future of Occupational Testing

Testing individuals to establish fitness-to-work is necessary for ensuring that workers are able to complete their required roles to the highest of standards. While Occupational Health and Safety legislations may differ across the country as certain regulations have been put in place for every province and territory, the goal remains the same; to uphold workplace safety and employee health and wellness. Our team understands, however, that sending employees for testing reduces productivity and can be difficult to coordinate due to the abilities of the employee and the resources that are available to them. We are, therefore, proud to provide On-site and Mobile Occupational Testing through a mobile testing facility that has been created with your business in mind.

Our mobile testing unit is designed and built to adhere to the standards set by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety and to meet the needs of businesses and their workers. Equipped with several testing areas, our team of specialists can conduct a variety of tests while maintaining employee privacy. We are able to perform the following, onsite; 

  • Audiometric Screening 
  • Spirometry Testing 
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Respirator Fitting 
  • Breath Alcohol Testing 
  • Oral Fluid Drug Testing 
  • Hair Drug Collection 
  • Any many more! 

With the ability to be modified based on the testing that must take place, these mobile units can be fully-utilized based on the specific needs of your company. In audiometric screening alone, our team is able to test 80-100 workers within an eight-hour shift. Rather than sending your employees to one of our many testing facilities, we are able to come to them, allowing for testing to take a fraction of time from their busy workday. Working in a remote area? Our vehicle is fully equipped to provide safe and secure testing no matter where your team is located. 

SureHire is committed to providing forward-thinking solutions that serve businesses and workers across the country. Our mobile testing unit is just one way that we are innovating our industry and are helping to create safe, healthy, and productive workforces. 

To learn more about SureHire’s Mobile Occupational Testing, contact our team! Let us show you how easy it can be to ensure that your workforce is equipped, trained, and fit to work.