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Movers & Shakers - Elaine Dela Cruz

Elaine started her career with SureHire 4 years ago and has proven to be a relentless ambassador of what SureHire represents everyday. Read on to learn more about Elaine Dela Cruz:.

1.) What was your original start date and job title when you started with SureHire? 

April 6, 2014 - Result Administrator 

2.) Why did you originally want to join SureHire? 

It was a young company and I saw so much potential for growth. Being a business student, I believed it was a great place to gain experience and continue with a career after graduation. 

3.) Tell us about the progression of your career at SureHire/ what is your current position? 

I was hired as a Result Administrator which is now called a Result Analyst. In 2017, after returning from Maternity leave I transitioned to Result Department Coordinator. Recently as of June 4, 2018 I was promoted to Team Lead, Results. 

4.) Why do you like working at SureHire? 

It's a company that will keep you on your toes. There's definitely never a dull moment and you are never bored. I love that it's an organization that strives to push boundaries. It challenges me to think outside the box which has really helped me develop professionally. I also really enjoy SureHire's company culture. The people are awesome! Everyone is so collaborative and supportive. We also live and breathe our core values and I find that inspiring.

5.) What is one of your biggest accomplishments at SureHire? 

I would say the Result Coordinator role restructure was my biggest accomplishment. Before me, it was a position mainly utilized to train new hires. I took it as an opportunity to be a leader and department expert in my manager's absence. It also allowed me to be a part of some research and project development. As coordinator, I also implemented more efficient department KPI tracking, our communication dashboard, and a system that better organizes our internal documents. Going forward, I hope the restructure motivates other analysts to continually challenge themselves within their roles. 

6.) What is a fun or random fact about yourself? 

I have three middle names and people think my last name is two last names so my full name is 6 names. It is so long the registry office had to abbreviate my middle names on my driver's licence so it would fit properly on the card. 

7.) Do you have a funny or memorable SureHire moment? 

Back when I first started, I worked the later, now non-existent 11 AM - 8 PM shift. Generally, the late shift was scheduled with only one other person but it was so busy a couple other admins stayed overtime to help manage the volumes. Even with the additional staff, it still took the four of us until 9 PM to get everything done. 

Throughout the day, there was a HUGE snow storm and as we were all leaving one of the admins' car was stuck so the three us attempted to push her out. Unfortunately, our efforts made it worse and the car drifted into the nearby ditch. Three girls laughing while pushing a stuck car was definitely not effective! Eventually after many failed pushes and freezing in knees deep worth of snow, we did finally wave down a truck to dig her out. 

At the time, three of us, including myself were new employees but we all supported each other and went out of our way to ensure our teammate was okay. It just goes to show how teamwork, relentlessness, commitment and positivity are instilled within staff right from the start and now four years later, three of those admins have grown into senior roles within the Results department.