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Movers & Shakers - Tara Collin

Tara started her career with SureHire over 6 years ago and has proven to be a relentless ambassador of what SureHire represents everyday. Read on to learn more about Tara Collin:

1.) What was your original start date and job title when you started with SureHire?

I was hired as a part time medical assessor at the Red Deer Facility. My start date was March 12, 2012.

2.) Why did you originally want to join SureHire?

I was newly certified and looking for my first “real” job.

3.) Tell us about the progression of your career at SureHire/ what is your current position?

Shortly after I started in Red Deer, I was given the opportunity to work at a full-time capacity in both Red Deer and Calgary. 1 year later I was able to move to Calgary full time. During that time, I completed my audio and spiro certification at MacEwan University. And in 2016 I trained in FTW-Review, my job title was FTW Analyst, so I was assessing and reviewing. In May 2018 I was rewarded with the opportunity to be Facility Supervisor at a brand new facility – our Airdrie PC which not only has our Occ testing but also incorporated a rehab model with a physiotherapist.

4.) Why do you like working at SureHire?

The people are great, I’ve always enjoyed my team members. I feel like I’ve always been appreciated for my work and I’ve had opportunity to grow professionally. And I’ve also been able to continue working with my hockey and lacrosse teams

5.) What is one of your biggest accomplishments at SureHire?

My current role – being Facility Supervisor in Airdrie has been a huge accomplishment for me. I feel like this role is perfect for me.

6.)  What is a fun or random fact about yourself? 

I’m from Winnipeg, MB – I moved to Airdrie when I was 13.

7.)  Do you have a funny or memorable SureHire moment?

Nothing specifically is coming to mind. But I’ve had many great times with my team members over the years.


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