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Sleep Apnea and Your Golf Score

Thinking of investing in a new set of expensive irons to help improve your golf game? Getting treatment for your sleep apnea may be a better answer. Golf is a cognitive sport that requires the skills that treatment for sleep apnea improves: memory, decision making, anger management, calculation, and hand eye coordination.  Recent studies have shown that chronic obstructive sleep apnea not only increases the risk for hypertension, cardiac disease and death, but also increases the chances of a higher handicap. Golfers with sleep apnea were treated for an average of six months with continuous positive airway pressure therapy, or CPAP, a treatment that uses a machine worn by the patient during sleep to keep airways open. The best players among the controls had an 8.4 at the start, which rose to a 9.2 at the end. Those treated for sleep apnea moved from an average 9.2 to a 6.3 by the time treatment was done, a 31% improvement. I think it is a fair assumption that if treatment for sleep apnea can sharpen ones skills on the golf course, the same improvement can happen at work. Companies can reap the benefits of having more focused, energetic, detail orientated, and defiantly more productive employees at work.

Persuading (or nagging) employees to adhere to the treatment for sleep apnea — wearing the sometimes uncomfortable equipment every night — can be a problem, however once researchers suggest to participants’ the idea that treatment can make them better at work,  their memory will be better, and they’ll play better golf, people are more likely to be committed to treatment.

SureHire Occupational Testing sees the value in screening for sleep apnea. When treated employees are more productive, attentive and less likely to make mistakes or have injuries.

Make screening for sleep apnea part of your pre-employment testing in 2014!

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