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Young Worker Injury Statistics

At the COAA Conference earlier this year various labour related challenges such as retirement, immigration, the portability of skills and the willingness to work in remote areas were spoke on. All of those concerns will affect the availability of skilled workers meeting future forecasted demand for skilled healthy workers. Over the next ten years, it is estimated that first time entrants to the construction force could reach as high as 167,000 and the likelihood of younger workers entering the workforce to fill that demand is high.

Did you know?

  • Approximately 37,000 young workers were injured and had lost time claims.
  • The highest percentage of lost time claims from young workers was in the construction industry at 21%.
  • 27% of all lost time claims for injury type for young workers were for sprains.
  • 22% of all lost time claims for young workers were due to overexertion in the construction industry.

* The above stats are from the Young Worker (ages 15-24) Injury Statistics (Worksafe BC) from 2008-2012.

As employers what can you do to limit the operational risk of hiring unfit workers whose injury will impact WCB costs, TRIF rates, absenteeism, rehabilitation medical costs, and productivity?

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