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Fitness-to-Work: Changing Lives and Lifestyles

What is the impact of SureHire’s Fitness-to-Work testing? A couple that tested early in 2016 were surprised when they were unable to proceed with their testing due to high blood pressure, insufficient strength and conditioning, and a myriad of health problems associated with lifestyle and inactivity. They stated that they had been sedentary, maintained a poor diet, and had become complacent with their health statuses. The reality of their lifestyle manifested in the inability to perform the Fitness-to-Work testing, and the couple realized that they needed to make some serious changes. SureHire recommended lifestyle modifications to help bring down their blood pressure and lower their cardiovascular disease risk and encouraged the couple to seek out strength and conditioning training.

One month later, the couple followed up with SureHire to report their changes. They had their blood pressure under control and had started going to the gym regularly after seeking out a trainer and reported “loving every minute of it." SureHire’s testing was the catalyst needed for this couple to make lasting positive changes in their lives. As a result, they were both able to successfully complete their Fitness-to-Work testing when retested one month later, and are enjoying a new, healthy lifestyle.