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John the Injured Worker

On the surface, John looks like a great worker.

John the construction worker has applied for a job. The timing is good, as the HR department is under pressure to hire more workers so that the job will be completed on time.

On the surface, John looks like a great worker, so he is hired and immediately sent to the job site without first completing a pre-hire Fitness-to-Work screening program.

Without X-ray vision, the recruiter has no way of knowing that John has a history of pre-existing injuries to his shoulder and is not a suitable fit for the demands of the job he has been given.

One week after being hired, John was performing overhead work when his shoulder gave out, resulting in a shoulder strain. John was taken to a family doctor for an injury assessment, put off work, and referred for diagnostic imaging and rehabilitation. This injury resulted in a WCB lost time claim.

What were the direct and indirect costs associated with John’s injury?

  • Total WCB Lost Time Claim Cost was $41,481
  • Total Injury Indirect Cost + Cost to Hire John: $29,226
  • Total Injury Cost: $70,707
  • Revenue required to cover cost of this one injury ( 10% margin): $707,070.00

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