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Criminal Searches


In our Criminal Justice System, crimes are prosecuted at two levels State and Federal.  Most Crimes appear at the state level and are prosecuted in the appropriate county courthouse in the county where the crime was committed.  Criminal Records are indexed by name and birth date first.  Additional identifiers such as social security numbers or address history are utilized if there is a name match and the file must be ordered to insure a positive identification.

Statewide records are available in 46 states, but many provide limited information, require a signature release or have extended turnaround times (see Statewide pricing). Also, arrests will often appear on state reports but with no disposition of the case so a county search must be done to determine if there was a guilty conviction. Some State reports contain cases with guilty convictions only. In addition, on some reports, felonies will appear but some less serious misdemeanors may not. This varies from state to state. However, they are still a good resource to consider depending on your needs.

County courthouse records are the most up-to-date, consistent, and accurate.  They are more feasible than State Reports for employers due to the constraints mentioned earlier.  County records are usually retrieved in 1 to 2 days.  All counties where the applicant has lived or worked for the past 7 years should be searched for a thorough check.

All arrests will be reported for the last 7 years. The most recent change to the FCRA made criminal convictions reportable indefinitely. California still follows the seven year rule (CA Civil Code 1786.18).

Sure-Hire conducts courthouse searches with its Background Check Packages to insure accurate and up to date information.

Crimes prosecuted in Federal Court include major drug cases, credit card fraud, embezzlement, discrimination in the workplace, interstate crimes, and cases involving any Federal question.  Federal Crimes are those in which the F.B.I. are involved and will not appear in a search of county court records or state reports.  Therefore, for a complete background check, it is highly recommended both Federal and County records be checked for criminal activity.  Records for felony cases are accessed directly from 94 Federal District Courts. Sure-Hire will search Federal Courts in up to 3 states for each applicant without additional charges.  Turnaround time is 1 to 2 days. When there is a possible record match, an additional 2 to 5 days may be required to confirm identification.

Each State, County, or Federal search gives a minimum 7 year history and provides names of Courts searched, arrest / file date, Case #, Offense, Charge Level, Disposition, and Sentence.

  Information needed: Full Name, Address, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number.

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