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Urine Drug Test

What is a urine drug test?

A urine drug test refers to a standard drug screening procedure that involves collecting, analyzing, and validating the absence or presence of drug metabolites. It often serves as a baseline for job candidates seeking gainful employment. In Canada, pre-employment drug screening relies on urine specimens because they are a convenient and cost-effective way to target an array of legal or illegal substances.

 While a urine drug test can provide quick results, certain drug metabolites can undergo slow enzymatic breakdown in the system, making it difficult to isolate the use of a specific substance as a culprit for impairment at the time of a work-related accident or injury. As drugs have variable windows of detection, individuals may encounter a discrepancy in the form of a non-negative test result purportedly indicating recent consumption from a urine specimen exceeding the cut-off threshold. Incidentally, supplemental testing may be necessary for comparative analysis against original test findings in tandem with a Medical Review Officer (MRO) confirming a positive or negative result.

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