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Definition - What does Exposure mean?

Exposure refers to the process of an individual experiencing potential hazards at their worksite, and these hazards are typically carefully monitored to ensure the safety of the employees exposed. These hazards could be biological hazards, chemical hazards, ergonomic hazards, physical hazards, psychosocial hazards, and safety hazards, with all carrying varying degrees of exposure that can impart acute or chronic health implications.

SureHire explains Exposure

A hazard is an interchangeable term that applies to sources of existing or potential dangers such as handling toxic materials/substances, ambient noise decibel variances, biomechanical stressors (i.e. repetitive motions), incurring detrimental health risks from repeated exposure. In many industries, a risk assessment is a definitive measure to identify and appraise environmental risks connected with workplace hazards following remedial solutions to either control or eliminate hazards, thus, deterring concerns of frequent exposure. Since workplace hazards have different adverse health effects on the human body, ongoing exposure can have serious health repercussions.

Recognizing existing or potential hazards presents a multilayered challenge when evaluating the immediate and chronic risk factors involved. A practical approach in risk assessment measures serves to gauge the cumulative impact of hazardous conditions or elements that might otherwise compromise employee health.

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