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Definition - What does Methadone mean?

Methadone is a synthetic drug used to help treat symptoms caused by heroin or other opiates by mimicking the effects of said drugs through sensorineural cues that the brain responds to based on feelings of pain. A doctor knows how to prescribe a regulated dose of methadone to help lessen pain symptoms and block euphoric feelings linked to heroin/opiate use.

SureHire explains Methadone

While methadone is a drug that mediates pathways in the brain to wean a patient from heroin, a doctor must prescribe and monitor the dosage used to deter substance abuse. Methadone does not serve as an open-ended treatment since patients must be able to handle taking their prescription at home, despite certain health risks. To that end, counseling and support group systems bolster the progress that people need who also take methadone to offset the mortality rate.


Recovery can vary among people who take methadone as part of a treatment plan arranged by their doctor, charting any suspected health factors that may cause the level of care to regress. For example, methadone can have different side effects on people, including shallow breathing, hive/rash flare-ups, fainting spells, chest pain, and cognitive impairment. Statistics mark that people resort to substance use for reasons beyond which are not exclusive to one factor. However, methadone can be habit-forming, and workplace stressors are an element that contributes to the problem where an overdose can occur.

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