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Definition - What does Negative Dilute mean?

A negative dilute refers to a urine specimen that features levels of creatinine and specific gravity (the concentration or density of the urine) which are abnormal, suggesting the individual being tested either purposefully or accidentally consumed an abundance of water, thus diluting their provided specimen. A negative dilute may draw suspicions of adulterating/tampering with a urine specimen to conceal the presence of residual drug metabolites in the system.

SureHire explains Negative Dilute

While medical experts rely on inference to explain away the cumulative hydration levels exceeding baseline norms, contingent factors such as regular water consumption or using prescribed diuretics (producing urine) serve as legitimate culprits resulting in negative dilutes. Drug testing parameters such as pre-employment testing, random drug testing, reasonable cause testing, or return-to-duty testing are beneficial strategies, independent of operating inside legal bounds, where negative dilutes can occur. The Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace aligned with the Department of Transportation (DOT) matrix represents a universal criterion for cross-referencing urine specimens between the initial screening and confirmatory testing to determine anomalies suggesting a negative dilute. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a certified physician who interprets comparative analyses of urine specimens that qualify as a negative dilute based on creatinine level variances and specific gravity deviations as telltale factors of suspected drug metabolites. The MRO conducts a thorough assessment by quantifying the water content differential against acidity concentration pending the outcome. Informing job candidates and current employees to limit fluid consumption or forgo ingesting diuretics ahead of a drug testing schedule can potentially temper negative dilute scenarios that might otherwise skew test results.

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