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Definition - What does Observed Testing mean?

The observed testing is a clinical process where a collector accompanies a participant to a restroom to witness the voiding of a urine specimen to dismiss any belief of tampering by a test subject after a drug screening. An employer must err on the side of caution where the need to use the observed testing format helps deter people who might resort to cheating to gain drug clearance.

SureHire explains Observed Testing

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has pooled together resources to define the bounds by which observed testing can apply to scenarios that relate to drug use cases and develop ways to help curb the issue. A Medical Review Officer (MRO) will draw on observed testing as a coordinated way to mediate claims that might suggest that a party considered for a job role has used drugs based on a positive test result. The MRO will use observed testing to confirm any evidence that lends suspicion to the fact that a donor has tampered with a urine specimen. For example, a job candidate or employee who cannot provide a medical basis to discount lab result findings would imply a person has engaged in recent drug use. The circumstances needed to justify observed testing can also hinge on the properties of the urine, such as unusual color/odors, temperature anomalies, or a refusal to test via a split specimen as a negating factor.

While observed testing serves as a blanket rule to promote a drug-free workplace, legal loopholes can occur where human privacy rights and outlined alcohol and drug policies get lost in the shuffle. Employers must pre-emptively relay the framework of observed testing from the time a party agrees to submit to its drug testing method up to and following the procedure.

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