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Definition - What does Random Testing mean?

Random testing is a method of drug testing that involves testing a random selection of employees. There is typically a systematic selection method in place (i.e. computerized software) to ensure the process is truly random. In conjunction with pre-employment testing, employers often promote random testing as an auxiliary method for identifying employees who might be struggling with substance abuse. This type of testing can be conducted through a wide variety of methods, including urine testing, saliva testing, hair analysis, and more.

SureHire explains Random Testing

While a comprehensive drug-testing program may incorporate random testing to target individuals believed to engage in drug use, employers will have to navigate their attempts to preserve a drug-free working environment while also maintaining human privacy rights. Established drug-testing policy guidelines must stipulate random testing within the context of safety-sensitive positions that cover essential job tasks such as handling a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) or commuting between off-site job locations and satellite branches.

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