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Definition - What does Spirometer mean?

A spirometer is a device used during spirometry testing, which is the most common type of pulmonary function test. The spirometer measures the volume of air moving in and out of the lungs in order to gauge lung health. It examines four particular subunits of lung volume: tidal volume, residual volume, expiratory reserve volume, and inspiratory reserve volume. Technicians use the spirometer in order to assess regular vs. irregular breathing patterns, and any factors that may predispose the individual being tested for particular health conditions or risks.

SureHire explains Spirometer

The size of an individual’s lungs and their lung volume is determined by a wide range of factors including genetics, height, and gender. Spirometers are a key tool in the workplace for testing employees’ lung capacity and determining whether they are able to safely perform particular labor-intensive tasks.

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