Synthetic Urine

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Definition - What does Synthetic Urine mean?

Synthetic urine is a commercial product that mimics the properties of urine based on the color, texture, creatinine base, and in some cases, uric acid to pass a urine drug screen. Also called fake urine, many donors resort to this tactic to level the odds against a non-negative test result. The backdrop for this phenomenon stems from more companies bent on a drug-free climate.

SureHire explains Synthetic Urine

More companies are now including drug testing measures in their health policies to help curb drug-related cases. However, employers must concede the pushback that dovetails off a market tailored for the sale of synthetic urine, which makes it hard to sustain a drug-free workplace. Given the trend of synthetic urine kits, new methods to make drug testing more accurate hedge the collective pool of real and fake urine specimens. For example, a laboratory can isolate base compounds of a different class(s) of drugs in their pure form. Since synthetic urine attempts to dilute or substitute a legitimate urine sample with fake ones, lab clinics can cross-check the features, such as color, odor, and temperature changes.

The tradeoff is that a clinician can target suspected drug metabolites while, in the balance, the party in question has risked cheating a drug screen. Synthetic urine is a growing industry that rivals the technology suited to quantify minute traces of standard drugs that may appear in a drug screen test result. The lax regulation in Canada inspires donors to resort to synthetic urine kits to land a job, despite the implications.

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