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SureHire FactSheet

SureHire wants to make sure that you have all the right facts, and access to all the right information. In the SureHire FactSheet we will update you on the Canadian Model, Canadian legislation, New Services, Programs, and much more! 

Canadian Model Lab vs. POCT

TESTING TYPE Test Required Breath Alcohol POCT Urine Lab Based Oral Fluid Lab Urine Notes
Self Help (if requested before non-compliance) No None None None None Refer to EAP
Possession of A & D No None None None None *Enact Discipline
Refusal to test for A&D No None None None None *Enact Discipline
Pre-Access Yes X None None X Contractor shall not deploy worker if non-negative.
Observation of Employee Conduct Yes X X X X Lab based confirmation of non-negatives
Accidents, Near Misses & Dangerous Incidents Yes X X X X Lab based confirmation of non-negatives
Return to Work Yes X None None X Develop plan
Random (DARRPP) Yes X X X X Lab confirmation all tests

All areas with an X are required. 

Legalization of Cannabis

The legalization of Cannabis will be in effect in the summer of 2018, and the below table shows the THC cut-off levels pre-legalization and post-legalization. This information is beneficial and allows employers and employees to note that the cut-off levels are in fact not changing. 

Type of Test Pre Legalization THC Cut-Off Levels (Lab) Post Legalization THC Cut-Off Levels (Lab)
Urine Lab- Initial Screen 50 ng/ ml 50 ng/ml
Urine Lab- Confirmation 15 ng/ ml 15 ng/ml
Oral Fluid- Initial Screen 4 ng/ml 4n
Oral Fluid- Confirmation 2 ng/ml 2 ng/ml

Random Testing

DARRPP is Alberta's Drug and Alcohol Risk Reduction Pilot Project, this two-year initiative was started to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of workplace alcohol and drug programs that would include random workplace testing. 

Please feel free to watch the video below to learn more about DARRPP and the importance of ensuring workers go home at the end of the day, every day.