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Driver Safety Program

SureHire will assist your company through an extensive comprehensive driver safety program- SureDriver. The SureDriver program can help company's in the transportation industry through not only their hiring process, but developing a benchmark for their current employees to maintain a high level of quality in their workforce. 

There are many factors to consider when hiring drivers for your workforce.  Does the candidate have the appropriate qualifications, skills, perceptual ability, physical ability, and safety and hazard awareness? 

The risks associated with making poor hires are considerable. The primary issues are safety related but other risks include poor cultural fit, limited retainment, health concerns that become compensable, HR costs associated with rehires and lost productivity.

What does SureDriver include? 

  1. Verification of licensing and past driving experience.
  2. A DriverFit evaluation.
  3. A hazard perception evaluation.
  4. Occupational testing (e.g. driver’s medical, drug and alcohol, visual, audio, fitness).
  5. Fatigue management screening.

What are the benefits of implementing a Driver Safety Program?

  • Hiring Qualified Candidates
  • Lower Insurance Costs
  • Decrease Injuries/Fatalities within your Workforce
  • Decrease Fleet Management Costs 
  • Fewer Accidents= Less Working Time Lost

If your organization wants to learn more about creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and productive workforce, and to find out more about our Driver Safety Program, please contact us by:

  • Email via
  • Call us at 1-866-315-6860

Employers cannot ignore the importance safety holds while driving- lack of awareness can be the result of many injuries, company claims and lost productivity. Implementing a Driver Safety Program is a core element in supporting employers in feeling confident to hire the most resourceful, receptive, and qualified candidates. 


What is a DriverFit Evaluation?

The DriverFit evaluation was developed to assist in determining whether candidates have similar behavioral attributes/personality profiles to your top drivers.  It uses leading-edge job fit assessment science to compare key traits and is administered via a one of a kind browser-based platform.  Candidates can take the evaluation on any tablet or computer and will complete in 30-45 minutes.

What is a Hazard Perception Evaluation?

The Hazard Perception Evaluation (HPE) is a predictive analysis technology used to assess and identify risk potential in six core areas of driving behavior. Elevated risks in these critical areas have a high correlation with future accident probability.    

HPE uses an enhanced video interface with 360-degree vehicle view to evaluate how well a driver evaluates the hazards in a driving scene.  Can be taken on any mobile device in 30-45 minutes.

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