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Fatigue Management Program

In today’s busy world, fatigue affects us all. For most, fatigue is relatively short term and is remedied with one or two good sleeps.  However, for others the fatigue can become chronic and the signs and symptoms can accumulate over time - greatly impacting daytime function.  

There can be many factors that effect an individual’s sleep quality such as work (long hours, shift work, stress), personal issues (poor diet, lack of exercise, substance use), and environmental variables (heat, noise, poor sleep options).

When these factors converge, as they often do with many commercial drivers, pilots, train engineers and ship captains, the results can be disastrous both on a personal and a public safety level.  

SureHire, in partnership with Respiratory Homecare Solutions, has developed a comprehensive fatigue management program specifically designed for the transportation industry.  The program focuses on the primary cause of most sleep issues – obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Our gold standard approach includes:

  • Administration of an evidence based self report questionnaire
  • A Level 3 sleep screen using a WatchPat device that is worn for a full night on the worker’s wrist to monitor various biological indicators
  • A review of the results by a sleep specialist who provides a diagnosis/recommendation
  • Contact by a respiratory therapist to discuss the results and discuss next steps which may include: 
  1. A trial of a sleep apnea machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
  2. A more comprehensive Level 1 lab based sleep study (if the findings suggest it isn’t OSA but another type of sleep issue)
  3. Dental appliances
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring
  • Education specific to lifestyle management strategies and resources

If your organization wants to learn more about creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and productive workforce, and to find out more about our Fatigue Management Program, please contact us by:

  • Email via
  • Live Chat through our website
  • Call us at 1-866-315-6860

Transport Canada, under the Motor Vehicle Transport Act, regulates the safety of motor carriers in our country.  The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators has membership from all provinces, territories and the federal government and provides leadership to create the safest and most productive transportation industry in the world.  

Both of these organizations endorse the North American Fatigue Management Program and strongly urge companies to apply fatigue management best practice.  

The primary objective is to reduce the frequency of fatigue-related crashes and costs to drivers, carrier management, workers’ compensation agencies, insurance companies, and the general roadway.

In particular, a comprehensive fatigue management program impacts:

  • Performance and safety as fatigue can lead to inappropriate lane deviations and slower steering responses, reductions in responses to speed changes of a lead vehicle, increased speed variations, slower reaction times, impaired visual scanning or “tunnel vision,” and increased risk of falling asleep at the wheel.
  • Finances as fatigue related incidents may be contributing to $55 billion in lost productivity across the US every year.  

With SureHire as your partner, we will collaboratively:

Explore the negative business impacts of fatigue in your organization

  • Increased number and severity of incidents
  • Increased employee absenteeism
  • Decreased productivity
  • Decreased employee morale
  • Employee retainment issues
  • Employee turnover rates
  • Inability to recruit new talent
  • Increased employee grievances
  • Increased liability and legal costs
  • Increased WCB claims/costs
  • Loss of business reputation

Promote the benefits of a comprehensive program to your leadership team

  • Greater awareness of fatigue issues
  • Greater compliance with legislation and recommendations (Primarily related to hours per shift = less penalties)
  • Improved ability to manage risks and hazards in real time (reduce accident potential and the associated costs)
  • Improved health and well-being of employees (reduced health care costs via group plans)
  • Fewer fatigue-related injury or illness (reduced health care costs via group plans)
  • Increased employee morale and job satisfaction (increased retention = cost saving)
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer accidents = fewer insurance claims and fewer public costs e.g. health care

Increase awareness of the factors of fatigue and commercial driving for your employees

  • Highlight work related factors, personal factors, and environmental factors

Guide the development of key performance indicators

  • Number of fatigue related incidents and collisions
  • Number of hours of service violations
  • Employee absenteeism and sick days
  • Employee feedback/satisfaction
  • Employee turnover
  • Employee grievances/complaint rates

Booking & Location

There are a few options to book your test:

If your employer has an account with SureHire:

  • Your employer will arrange an appointment time and location near you

If you're booking for yourself:

  • Call our Call Centre @ 1-866-944-4473
  • Submit our online appointment form here
  • Reach out to us via Live Chat (click the conversation bubble in the bottom right-hand corner)

If you have any questions, please contact us or speak to your employer for more information.


Why should fatigue concern me?

Fatigue can have dramatic effects on alertness, judgement, reaction time, motivation, vigilance, memory and field of vision. For drivers, this may result in performance and safety concerns such as inappropriate lane deviations, slower steering responses, impaired judgement of distance and speed of other vehicles, tunnel vision and an increased risk of falling asleep at the wheel. For those with chronic fatigue often associated with OSA, it can lead to other health and wellness concerns such as high blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and mood disruption.

What is the purpose of a sleep apnea screen?

A sleep apnea screen is used to determine whether you have signs of OSA and, if you do, how severe it is. This information is used to determine appropriate treatment planning and whether a period of treatment is required prior to getting behind the wheel for training.

What treatment is there for OSA?

In the vast majority of cases, people with severe OSA are well treated with a continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) machine they wear at night.

The treatment outlook is excellent if you are compliant with using the CPAP. Other elements of treatment to consider are related to diet, exercise and other wellness initiatives.

What does the SureHire sleep apnea screen consist of?

The SureHire sleep apnea screen involves completing a questionnaire and wearing a device on your wrist/finger for one night’s sleep.  

  • The wrist/finger device, called a WatchPat, tracks certain respiratory events as well as heart rate and oxygen saturation.
  • You wear the WatchPat for one sleep (greater than 4 hours) and return the device to the clinic the following day for the data to be uploaded.  
  • The data from the Watchpat and the answers from your questionnaire are interpreted by an independent sleep specialist physician to determine whether you are suffering from sleep apnea.

How do I get the WatchPat?

At most locations, the WatchPat will be available right at the Surehire testing facility where you complete the rest of your occupational testing.  

  • You will get the WatchPat at the end of your appointment if you complete all the testing.
  • You will receive a full orientation regarding how the machine works.
  • You will return the device to the clinic the next morning.

What happens after the test?

You will receive a call from a respiratory therapist from Respiratory Homecare Solutions within a couple of days who will explain your test results.

What happens if I need treatment?

The respiratory therapist will make arrangements for you to trial a CPAP machine. In some situations, a more comprehensive sleep assessment is required.  The therapist will explain this to you in more detail if indicated (only a small percentage of individuals require this).

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