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Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

What is an FCE?

  • In-depth evaluation used to determine an employee’s functional capabilities after an injury or medical illness.

What is the purpose of an FCE?

  • Reduce lost time. 
  • Improve the success of an employee’s return to work. 

When should an FCE be performed?

  • At any point in an injured or ill employee’s recovery cycle.  
  • For occupational, or non-occupational injury.

What information is available in the FCE Report?

  • DOT Duty Level capability in functional and cardiovascular domains
  • Meaningful modified work duties, as needed
  • Recommendations to improve functional or cognitive domains, as requested
  • Answers to answers to referral questions such as recommendations/accommodations for return to work

Where can FCEs be performed?
SureHire has a network of FCE providers across Canada.  FCEs may be performed in all major centres and  SureHire has access to FCE providers in several smaller communities.  

How can I book an FCE?
Contact SureHire’s contact centre at 1-866-944-4473.  

For more information please contact us to receive a brochure about our FCE and Return to Work services.  

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