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Industrial Hygiene/Exposure Monitoring

SureHire strives to provide comprehensive solutions for employers who require a full suite of services to maintain a safe and healthy workforce, therefore, we have partnered with JADA Solutions (HSE) inc. who specializes in offering industrial hygiene services that help clients provide clean air and a safe work environment for their employees. Jada Solutions is an HSE consulting firm that can help determine the cause and origin of a wide range of industrial hazards and create custom solutions and recommendations.

  • Exposure Monitoring - Occupational exposure monitoring for various chemical hazards including welding fumes, paint, BTEX, noise, radon, vibration and lighting.
  • Industrial Hygiene - Indoor air quality testing and analysis, mould investigation, mould cause and origin determinations, chemical and particulate sampling and more!
  • Hazardous Materials - Assessments of various work environments which include categorizing material within the space, ensuring they are properly removed and disposed of, and more. Assessments are available for a variety of exposures including asbestos and lead.
  • Lab Analysis - MICA trained and certified staff are available to analyze air or bulk asbestos samples.
  • Safety Training - Customized training to allow employers to meet their site specific Occupational Health and Safety legislation requirements .

To learn more or schedule industrial hygiene/exposure monitoring services, please contact us.

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