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Return to Work Screen

Return to Work Screen

  • Follows same format as Fitness-to-Work testing
  • Useful for employee returning from an injury or medical illness that has clearance for full duties from their treating physician.

The Return to Work Screen is able to determine the following:

  • If an employee can return to full duties,
  • If further investigation is required via a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) to make meaningful modified duty recommendations,
  • General recommendations for modification based on the screen,
  • If the employee can benefit from further physical therapy treatment.

How to interpret the results:

  • The employee will be rated as capable, capable with suggested modification, not capable.
  • Will state whether further testing via an FCE is recommended.

How to book an appointment:

  • Call SureHire‚Äôs Contact Centre at 1-866-944-4473
  • Ask to book a Return to Work Screen

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