Our clinics remain open; however, there may be a temporary reduction in clinic availability. Effective 06-22-2020, all participants must wear a face mask/covering when completing testing at any SureHire facility across Canada.

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COVID-19 Temperature Screening Services

The COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic has changed occupational health and safety on a global scale. With no treatments or vaccines available to prevent the virus from spreading, employers are exploring all methods for prevention so they can keep their employees safe and their job sites open. 

As Canada’s leading provider of occupational health testing services, SureHire is committed to building foundations for safe, healthy, and productive workforces and communities. As your solution-driven partner in occupational testing services, we've made Temperature Screening Services available so you can feel confident knowing your employees are safe to return to work.


COVID-19 is transported primarily through respiratory droplets. Symptoms include fever, dry cough, runny nose, and shortness of breath. These symptoms may appear 2‒14 days after exposure and can range from mild to severe and may even result in fatality.

While temperature readings do not correlate specifically with COVID-19 diagnosis (as other medical conditions can also present with fever, such as pneumonia, flu, etc.), they do provide valuable, objective data on a critical symptom of COVID-19 (fever), helping employers limit the risk of worker exposure to and transmission of the virus.  


Employees’ temperatures are taken at the start of each shift with an FDA approved non-touch digital infrared temperature screening device. The data is then recorded and compared on a daily basis to the 38°C cut-off level. 

Screening is conducted in a temperature-controlled environment (at least 15°C). Choose to train your employees to provision screening or have SureHire screeners onsite to conduct readings for you (SureHire will provide all necessary PPE required for safe testing, including goggles, gloves, and KN95 mask). It is important to note that if employees have a naturally high body temperature, they may be flagged unnecessarily as being over the defined cut-off level; however, FDA-approved devices ensure accurate readings and easy implementation on any worksite.


  • Provides objective data on a critical symptom of COVID-19 (fever).
  • Easy to implement on any worksite.
  • FDA-approved devices ensure accurate readings.
  • Helps limit the risk of worker exposure to COVID-19 through proactive prevention measures.
  • Thermal testing is a non-invasive testing procedure providing instant results.
  • No direct contact required between worker and tester.


  • Temperature readings do not specifically correlate with COVID-19 diagnosis, as other medical conditions can also present with fever (allergies, flu, etc.).
  • There is a possibility of employees being flagged unnecessarily if they have a naturally high body temperature and readings exceed the defined cut-off level

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