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WCB Support Services

SureHire has partnered with a full service Canadian consulting firm specializing in providing employers of all sizes with fair and unbiased assistance on WCB matters. Their team consists of ex WCB employees who know the system extremely well and have an understanding of the best strategies to use. They are all triple certified in administrative justice through the Foundation of Administrative Justice which is nationally recognized. Currently their success rate is between 90-95%. 

WCB Claim appeals and claim cost transfers:

Many companies are able to get a substantial amount of costs removed from their WCB premiums through the process known as cost relief. This includes having costs removed for pre-existing conditions, concurrent medical conditions, or accidents that arise at the fault of another company.

Successful cost relief can be a technical process. We work with top appeals specialists, medical consultants, and industry experts to help build the strongest cases possible and help you recover money you didn’t even know you were entitled to. 

Industry Rate Reviews:

Your premiums are based on what industry they are classified in. If you are in the wrong industry or one that does not reflect the current growth of your business practices you may be paying too much. A review of your industry classification can help support your bids and lead to lower premiums.

Bidding support:

If your business relies on bidding, you know how competitive the market can be. Most bids now require you to show not only your TRIF but your WCB stats. Membership with a safety association and the Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program are essential.

With millions of dollars on the line, being able to bid successfully can break your company or raise you to the next level.  How you present your information can make a huge difference. 

Having your WCB files professionally reviewed to ensure details such as time loss dates are accurate or removed, costs are appropriately applied, or appeals are in place prior to your bid is a valuable tool in the bidding process.

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