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Being experts in the occupational testing industry means educating our clients and the communities they serve. Sharing our expertise not only supports informed decision-making but also helps ensure hardworking individuals get home safe and sound. That’s why we’ve assembled some of the industry’s top Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to give you info on the latest topics and trends related to occupational testing.

SMEs offer authority in specialized areas. They may have special certifications, degrees, or doctorates as well as unique experience or knowledge in particular industries or business settings. Meet some of our top advisors, learn more about their expertise, find out when they’re speaking at upcoming events, and submit a request to have them speak at your next annual meeting, lunch n’ learn, or virtual conference.

Erin Baird

Manager, Sales & Marketing

Erin Baird is the Manager, Sales and Marketing at SureHire. She has been with SureHire since 2012. Through her years at SureHire, Erin has gained industry experience and knowledge in the field of workplace occupational health testing. She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies in various industries such as Oil & Gas, Construction, and…[Read Full Bio…]

Dean McDougall, DC

Manager, Occupational Health Services/Privacy Officer

Dean McDougall is a licensed chiropractor based out of Calgary, Alberta. He has been actively involved in the world of occupational testing since 2011. Over the course Dean’s career, he has been involved in over 50,000 Fitness-to-Work evaluations and has been a guest speaker for multiple organizations and associations, including the Progressive Contractor’s Association (PCA)[Read Full Bio…]

Wayne St. John

Director, Sales & Marketing

Wayne St. John has over 30 years of experience in both in the Oil & Gas sector as well as in Health and Safety. Wayne has a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Psychology and has spoken on drug and alcohol testing in general, as well as both the medical and legalized marijuana topics at many industry and academic conferences. Wayne has extensive knowledge in policy…[Read Full Bio…]


Reasonable Suspicion Training (RST)

Online Training

Educating your workforce on the implications of workplace substance use is critical to risk mitigation. We offer a range of courses, including interactive and self-study, employee and supervisor, as well as company-specific sessions (for larger groups) and open sessions.

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Our Subject Matter Experts host webinars to ensure you’re getting the information you need when you need it. Check out our featured webinar hosted by Subject Matter Expert, Wayne St.John, and keep an eye out for more upcoming events.

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