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Verification of Personal Information is crucial to performing a quality employment background check. Our verification services will help detect any incorrect or misleading information. The following reports can help insure that the person you are dealing with is the actual person they claim or appear to be. Many times, former addresses and other names associated with the applicant, but unknown to the potential employer are found. This helps insure more thorough pre-employment screening.

According to experts Social Security Number Fraud is becoming more and more rampant and employers should use available means to verify personal information. Sure-Hire normally begins each search with an Address History Report, Social Security Number (SSN) Verification Report or a Consumer Credit Report. Each provides their own unique blend of information but either will help us take the first step by providing an independent address history of the applicant that can be used to determine which jurisdictions to search for any criminal records.

These reports will verify name, social security number, provide an extensive address history, and list reported employers. (can be used to support I-9 documentation.) It will also flag social security numbers that have not been issued by the Social Security Administration or have been filed with death claims. If a social security number of an applicant does not match one that was issued by The Social Security Administration, an alert will appear on the report. In most cases it will also verify the applicant's date of birth, which is needed to conduct any criminal history search since criminal records are indexed by Name and DOB.

  Information needed: Name, Address, City, and Social Security Number.

A Consumer Credit Report can be used to verify proper name, former names, address, social security number, list of 3 prior residential addresses during the last 7 years, listing of public records including bankruptcy*, liens, and judgments, a credit history showing account status, payment history, delinquencies, collection accounts, and a credit summary. Date of birth will not be listed or verified by this report.

Good credit is one of the best indicators of responsibility and integrity. Although there are often reasonable explanations, if an individual is unable or unwilling to handle their own personal affairs properly, perhaps this should be taken into consideration when deciding whether to entrust them with those of your company.

Also, if over-extended, there is a greater chance of potential problems; people are more likely to steal from need rather than greed.

  Information needed: Name, Address, City, Social Security Number, and Signature Release**

*Bankruptcies. Bankruptcies are public record. However, employers cannot discriminate against applicants because they have filed for bankruptcy. (11 USC §525)

** FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT Under the FCRA, the employer must obtain the applicants written authorization before the background check is conducted. See The FCRA and Background Checks.

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