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Studies have shown almost 40% of all employment applications contain false or misleading information about employment, education, or licenses. Some job applicants falsify a college education, course of study, grade point average, or a degree. Many times, position held and actual job responsibilities are exaggerated. Sometimes, length of employment at a previous company is stretched to cover-up "job-hopping" or long periods of unemployment. Professional licenses should always be checked if they are a requirement of the job.

Our verification services will help detect any incorrect or misleading information. Because we verify this type of information everyday, we have developed contacts at many large companies and institutions, have national directories of business, telephone numbers and we have specific telephone interviewing techniques which can usually ascertain the type of information most useful to an employer.

This service verifies dates of employment, Position Held, Responsibilities, Description of work habits (including quality, productivity, reliability), reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire name and title of person interviewed. The last three employers or references are normally verified with our Sure Packages 4a, 5a, and 6.

Information needed: Name, social Security Number, employer full names / locations, telephone number (if available), dates and position held. Name and telephone number of previous supervisors is always helpful in getting a more complete reference.

Reference checks, either professional or personal, can also be verified to determine an applicants stability, reliability, skills, strength, weaknesses, and work history. When ordering, references may be substituted for employment verifications.

Information needed: Reference name and telephone number.

Under federal law, transcripts, recommendations, discipline records, and financial information are confidential. However a school may release "directory information" with written authorization from the student. This service verifies specific school attended, dates of attendance, degree earned, major course of study, special honors and grade point average (when available). Package reports include up to two institutions verified at no additional costs.

Information needed: Name, social security number, maiden name (if applicable), degree and year graduated, school attended and campus location.

Any State issued license can be verified. When ordering package reports Professional license verification can be substituted for a school.

Information needed: Name, License Type, State of Issue and License Number.

For information on available reports and pricing please
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