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Creating safe, healthy, productive workforces & communities

A Better Workforce

SureHire's Exclusive Testing Facilities are only available to SureHire clients and provide standardized testing services across Canada.

Consistent Pricing

SureHire has secured standardized pricing nationally to ensure testing costs remain consistent at all facilities. SureHire does not charge additional facility or collection fees.

Same Day Results

Result notifications are sent to the company representative(s) the same day of testing. If additional testing is required (e.g. lab confirmation) you will be notified where we are in the process.

Convenient Appointments

Same day/next day at Alberta Power Centres (ability to book real-time appointments online) and 24-48 hours at Exclusive Testing Facilities across Canada (ability to submit online appointment requests).

24/7 Emergency Testing

National after hours emergency drug and alcohol testing is available 24/7 for SureHire clients through a live voice agent.

A Human to Talk To

In order to build successful partnerships, it is important to us to provide our clients with one main point of contact.

One Person Makes an Impact

For good or for bad.

An unqualified or inebriated worker puts your entire worksite at risk. A worker who is fit for the job will increase efficiency and productivity. Don't underestimate the power of one person.