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Definition - What does Shift Work mean?

Shift Work refers to a work schedule that requires an employee to be on duty during a time other than the traditional workday. Typically, the normal workweek is considered to be Monday through Friday during daylight hours. A person who works a night shift or other schedule outside these normal work hours is said to be doing shift work. Shift work is may also be written as shiftwork.

SureHire explains Shift Work

Shift work is common in many workplaces and includes any schedule that is irregular or outside the standard workweek. Employees assigned to shift work may work a straight 8-hour per day schedule that begins in the afternoon, late evening, or middle of the night. Shift work also includes split schedules or two daily segments of less than 8 hours each. Some shift work is scheduled for a rotating schedule, where an employee begins the week working during one timeframe and ends the week working in a different 8-hour period. Other shift workers may be on call for a period of more than 8 hours.

While shift work is not uncommon, it may cause an employee to suffer sleep or other health complications related to the unusual schedule. Employees who do shift work must often find ways to take care of personal needs and household duties outside of normal business hours.

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