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You’re looking to build a team of great employees, but the hiring process is full of challenges – especially when it comes to filling safety-sensitive positions!

Many companies don’t perform a complete background check on every applicant and this can lead to costly mistakes. Further, employers often struggle with how they should handle pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, fit-to-work evaluations, and other occupational testing processes in their workplace. Not only does it cost money but it can daunting process that most people would rather avoid. 

SureHire has your back! We have locations across North America to make the process simple and effective for you. Flexible scheduling makes it easy to get started today without having to make any changes to your current workflow. Best yet? SureHire screens applicants quickly, effectively, and easily, providing them with a seamless experience from start to finish.

Browse through our testing services below and find to why thousands of companies across North America choose SureHire as their trusted occupational testing provider.


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