Our clinics remain open; however, there may be a temporary reduction in clinic availability. Effective 06-22-2020, all participants must wear a face mask/covering when completing testing at any SureHire facility across Canada.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing


Alcohol testing determines the current alcohol (ethanol) level in someone's system, which is an indicator of whether or not someone is intoxicated. Workers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol while on the job site can compromise the safety of themselves, others, and the public and can contribute to increases in:

  • WCB claims,
  • employee turnover,
  • absenteeism,
  • employee theft, and
  • workplace violence.

The implementation of pre-employment, pre-access, post-incident, and reasonable cause testing is a great mitigation tool to decrease the risk of substance abuse in the workplace.


There are a variety of test types to choose from depending on your company’s needs. 

  • Breath Alcohol Testing.  Breath Alcohol Testing is the most commonly utilized method for the detection of alcohol impairment, offering accurate, court-admissible, same-day test results. All SureHire technicians are certified to complete Breath Alcohol testing using DOT (Department of Transportation) approved Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 technology.
  • EtG Alcohol Testing. Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) is a nonoxidative minor metabolite of ethanol formed within the body after alcohol consumption. Numerous studies have indicated that the presence of EtG in a urine sample is a specific and sensitive indicator of recent alcohol ingestion, with a detection time spanning up to several days after drinking large amounts. SureHire offers EtG testing through lab-based testing only. EtG testing can be added to any 5, 8 or 13 panel urine lab drug test or tested separately.
  • Random Testing. Random drug and alcohol testing may help to identify cases of substance abuse and, as a result, can help employers facilitate treatment for workers, improve workplace safety, reduce the frequency of incidents and WCB claims, decrease employer liability, and promote a culture of safety in the workplace. SureHire's expertise in random testing ensures a true random selection by using DOT compliant software. 
  • DOT Testing. Testing is mandatory for DOT-regulated employers. If you or your employees operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in the U.S. you may be a U.S. DOT-regulated employer. SureHire’s DOT Consortium Random Program consists of various companies compiled into a pool for random drug and alcohol testing of drivers required to cross US borders.
  • Pre-Employment Testing. Pre-employment testing is a centralized method to acquire and document information about job candidates during the hiring process. SureHire’s pre-employment drug and alcohol testing services give employers confidence knowing they are hiring the right fit for the job.
  • Post-Incident Testing. Post-incident drug and alcohol testing (also called post-accident testing) is completed when an incident that cannot be explained through mechanical failure occurs in the workplace. With a network of facilities across Canada, SureHire is proud to offer clients 24/7/365 emergency testing. 

When a donor is tested their results are given as a Breath/Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level.

  • Someone who has not consumed alcohol should have a 0% BAC
  • Levels over 0.2% are extremely dangerous and can result in unconsciousness
  • The Canadian Model standard is 0.04%, which most companies use in their policies

Following testing, our team pf experts are there to help you determine what the results mean for your company and/or your employee(s). If you are an employer, you will need to consider what has been communicated to your employees in your policies. If you do not have a drug and alcohol policy in place, we can work with you to build one that will follow best practices as they relate to your business. Contact us for more information.


Booking an alcohol test is simple. Get in touch with us:

Our Contact Centre Agents can assist you in finding the most convenient location within our extensive Canada-Wide network of facilities. 


Our Breath Alcohol Technicians are certified based on U.S. DOT (United States Department of Transportation) standards. Our Power Centres and Exclusive Testing Facilities follow the same procedures as police forces across North America.



Workers under the influence of drugs while on the job site can compromise the safety of themselves, others, and the public and can contribute to increases in:

  • WCB claims
  • employee turnover
  • absenteeism
  • employee theft
  • workplace violence

The implementation of pre-employment, pre-access, post-incident, and reasonable cause testing is a great mitigation tool to  decrease the risk of substance abuse in the workplace. 


SureHire offers 2 test options:

  • Express POCT (Point of Care Test) | Provides quick, qualitative, same-day result delivery. 
  • Lab-Based Test | Provides quantitative, court-admissible test results in 2‒5 business days. Negative results typically take 1–2 business days, while positive samples will take 3–5 business days. Once a sample is deemed positive by the lab, a Medical Review Officer (MRO) will have an additional 48 hours to contact the donor to determine if there is a valid prescription. Once the MRO has determined if there is a valid prescription, the result is confirmed as either positive or negative.

SureHire utilizes a SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association) certified laboratory for lab-based urine testing.


Urine drug testing is the preferred method for substance detection as it offers expanded testing panels, accurate test results, and the ability to obtain a snapshot of recent drug use. 


Oral Fluid drug testing is the preferred method for post-incident or reasonable suspicion situations as it provides a short window for substance detection with minimal potential for adulteration. This drug screen option is extremely convenient as there are very few limitations as to where this test can be administered. 

There are several variables that will determine how long a substance will remain detectable in an individual’s oral fluid sample but ultimately, it’s completely dependent on the substance ingested and the individual being tested.

Oral Fluid express testing provides a qualitative, preliminary result; however, a lab-based oral fluid test is required to obtain a quantitative, court-admissible test result. SureHire offers oral fluid laboratory testing as a secondary method after a non-negative express result is received or as a stand-alone service.


Hair Follicle testing is the superior method for determining substance abuse. This highly accurate drug testing technology offers a wide range of detection time frames that can approximate the pattern and quantity of drug use. 


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